Monday, March 2, 2009

What a trip!

Yesterday was so jam packed! We pretty much went all day non-stop from 4am until 11pm plus add an hour because of the time difference. Here are a few things that really suck out to me.

-I was in awe when we drove through the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans. Seeing pictures is one thing but actually being there is different. The spray paint markings on the houses was really depressing.
-When we went into the French Quarter
-ART ART ART (that is what made me happiest)
-It was a Sunday night and there was so much energy
-We saw 3 guys doing a big show of acrobats. One of them started doing handstands in the middle of the street!
-We saw three little ponies!!
-There were large amounts of horse and buggies, Mardi Gras stores everywhere! All the trees had beads hanging from them from Fat Tuesday
-There were so many different styles of music being played all over
-I ate alligator and frog legs and a bunch of other Cajun foods and listened to a live Cajun music
-The Jazz music was AMAZING! The band had an original song call "I'm your hot dog man" and it was very funny

There are really so many things I really couldn't even sum it up if I tried. We are now at camp Victor and I am very excited to start working. So far it has been so fun eating and exploring but I am really ready to do what I came here to do. Its supposed to get warmer through the rest of the week so them hopefully we can get to the beach because it is only a mile away!!

So that is all for now. Take care.


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