Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting to Work

Today was our first day officially working for Habitat for Humanity. We were all sent to a site about a twenty minute drive from Camp Victor. When we got there we had a meeting with our site manager, Spikes. Just looking at the guy I wondered why we were even there, he looked like he could have built a house all on his own! Besides the group of us from Point Park there was a few couples and a guy Miles who was there working with AmeriCorps. Then we set to work.

The home we were working on apparently had been left for a while and so we spent most of the morning taking out nails from wood that had been warped or backings that were no longer any good. I tell you destructing a house is a lot harder than building one!

After that we worked on putting up the walls. When we got there in the morning the house had only a floor and by the end of the night we had managed to get three walls up! I was really proud of our group for doing so much in one day. Of course now we are feeling the effects of our efforts with many people walking around with a few band aids and bruises but all feeling happy and accomplished.

Once we finished with our day on the site we quickly went back to Camp Victor for a quick shower and dinner and then went out to see the Biloxi, Mississippi ice hockey team, the SeaWolves play. It was a pretty sweet game with the SeaWolves winning 5-3. Also we got announced over the loud speaker for being at the game. Yeah, we're a big deal.


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