Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are we ever going to build?

Hi. it's Riva,

We just got back a few moments ago. It is 10:00pm which means of course they shut the lights out on us.

The day started by being woken up by the lights coming on at 6:00am. Wow. That was really great. hahaha. I was very surprised that the food isn't too bad here. We made our lunches in preparation for our vigorous day. The drive over to the sight was about a half hour. When we first arrived, the guy in charge, named Spikes, told us that before we were to build, we had to take apart a bunch of stuff that had been built. He said the stuff was no good because they waited too long to build it and if we tried then the house would fall apart.

It was REALLY REALLY hard to take some of those pieces apart. It took about three hours total. At first I was very disappointed because it didn't feel like we were accomplishing much. But then after we ate lunch everything started to come together and we put up three walls. I wish we were here for longer so we could build the house start to finish.

Oh also, I step on a nail and it kinda went through my foot a little but it was OK. I cleaned it off and about 2 mins. later I felt as good as new.

After we built, a few of us took a trip to this fast food place called Whattaburger. It was very entertaining. Then we went to a hockey game and that was fun. And we won free fries at Wendy's.

Left on our agenda besides working lost more it taking a visit to Sonic and getting milkshakes because most of us have never been there and getting to the beach. There are also Waffle Houses every mile. Literally. We are all very sore and tired but I am excited for tomorrow and I know we will get a lot done.


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