Saturday, March 7, 2009

Elaine's Second...but last Blog Entry - The End of Something New

Hello all again,

This is my last entry before heading back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Since my last post we have nailed our last nails, put up our final plywood sheets, and deconstructed our last studs. It's been such a life changing experience. This moment in time I should tell you why I came on this trip. When I was a little girl, my Grandparents lived in Rockwood, Pennsylvania and there was a tornado close by in Salsbury, PA. When we went to visit we all went to see what the tornado had done to the community. All I remember was driving past one house that was gutted. The insulation was thrown about the lawn and there was one wall standing. In the middle of the wrecked house stood this little girl about my age holding her teddy bear. That image stuck with me and I said one day I would help her out, give back to her. Last night while I was laying in bed, I finally felt like I gave back to that little girl. I helped put one more house up that was not exsisting. It feels very rewarding to help out a community. I would LOVE to come back and see the house complete and get to build another house. Hopefully, Point Park keeps up with the alternative Spring Breaks because I'm SO in=). We are suppose to go back to New Orleans today but I have no feeling of returning to school. haha. But, I want to thank all my loved one's for helping make this trip possible and I thank all the people of Mississippi for letting me into their community to lend a helping hand. It's been real, it's been fun, it's been REAL FUN!

Take care and hope to blog next year,

Elaine Koontz (Elle<3)

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  1. Hey Elaine,

    Carol and I hope you'll stay in touch.