Friday, March 6, 2009

One Giant Bicep

It's Ashley Dalton writing. After another day of "fun with hammers" we're finally done. It's been decided that we're going to come back with awful tan lines from our gloves (that leave our arms tan and hands white), one giant bulging bicep from hammering, mosquito bites that look like volcanos, but memories and lessons that will not soon be forgotten!

This week has really been amazing. Getting to make a real difference and see what a group of people can do in a short amount of time has been awesome. As Ashmur (one of three Ashley's on this trip) said in her last blog, the people you meet that live their lives to be service minded are such a wonderful group of people. It's also nice to see that you can always live your life to be service minded too, Jean is in her late sixties and there are freshmen in our group that are 18...but somehow we all have a common purpose to help others. Helping our students to see that volunteerism has no age limit is a great thing, I can only hope that as we all grow older, we continue to realize the importance of what people are capable to do to help others.

I cannot say enough about this outstanding group of students...other than some fun complaining, no one has quit, no one has bemoaned the work (even when it wasn't the greatest) and they've all come together as a group of students that didn't really know each other, to be a great team. I'm very proud for how these students represented our university, each other and the spirit of volunteerism.

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