Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First day at the worksite

Hey all! Mack again.

Today was our first day at the jobsite. I thought we were going to be with a bunch of other schools, but it seems like this project is just for us. After today I saw that the amount of volunteers there is just right; anymore and people would be bored sitting around, and we wouldn't want that!
Our construction manager is Spikes, a really cool guy. Miles is the other supervisor. Rumor is that Spikes used to be a football player for the Dolphins (according to Lee)... we'll find out for sure tomorrow. Apparently the house site was abandonded for some time and the old walls they made for it got warped, so we spent most of the day "deconstructing" a house rather than build one. So many pesky nails!!!
We still got a lot of done and got a few walls up as well. It's starting to look like a real house! My wrist is aching from all the pounding along with others, but hopefully we'll recover by tomorrow. :)

A few of us went to a fast food chain here called the Whataburger, and by golly what a burger is was! Not bad for $3.20 Adam got a junior, Riva 'Justaburger', and me the real deal. We took a picture with Madison who works there- she was nice about our nothern antics and ways.

Later we got to go to a hockey game- the Seawolves vs. the Gladiators... such a great game. Very intense. We cheered during the last minute of the 2nd period and won the "loudest cheer" award... free small fry at Wendy's. Regardless of the "smoothies" we thought we were going to get, it was a very fun experience. Well, I'm off to bed. Lights come on at 6AM. Catch you later!

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