Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiffany here...

So we finally arrived at our destination in Biloxi, Mississippi, and it is very interesting. The town is very religious and comforting. We are staying here at Camp Victor a religious affilitated camp that works with Habitat by housing and feeding volunteers who come from out of town to help the families rebuild houses. We are staying here with a few hundred people. (there are only five womens showers so the morning should be funny) There are murals and paintings all over the walls that represent people who have been here before. The camp is very cozy and the people are very helpful and nice. We get to meet people/students from many different universities and states.

It feels as if we have been here for weeks with all the traveling we have been doing. We successfully toured all of New Orleans in less than 24 hours. Impressive right?? Before we saw anything we drove through the 9th Ward which was one of the worst areas hit by Katrina. The devastation was off the charts. Houses were just gutted, completely destroyed for miles. Comparing the damage from the 9th ward to my hometown...Leechburgh, PA would no longer exist. Apart from the destruction we saw improvement efforts from Habitat for Humanity that was very up lifting.

After the 9th Ward we travel to Uptown, the fancy part of New Orleans. (example: Shadyside in Pittsburgh) We toured the million dollar masions that were breath taking. We also walked along the Mari Gras parade route which was completely decorated in beads. We ate dinner at an authentic Cajun Restaurant, shopped in the French quarter and Bourbon st. and enjoyed a jazz concert preformed at Preservation Hall. New Orleans is probably one of the most remarkable cities I have ever been to. The culture is so rich and the pure passion and love for the city, that you see from the locals, is amazing. That hardly covers everything but there really are no words to describe how truely amazing New Orleans is.

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Should have updates about tomorrow, our first day at work:)

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