Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Mornin'

Yes, I am blogging at 6:30am. The lights go out at 10:00pm on the dot around here, so there's not much else to do besides shut your eyes and go to sleep. Thus, I have the energy to do these things so early in the morning! Last night I was wiped out after our day of work, and I had no trouble falling asleep. We built and put up the interior walls. It was an accomplished feeling because when we arrived to the site yesterday, there were only three exterior walls standing. When we stood back and looked at the house around 3:00pm or so, it was great. I'm pretty sure we'll finish up the walls today and start hammering on the plywood. (Yes, I said hammer. There are no nail guns at Habitat for Humanity!) Well, I'm off to pack my lunch and eat a good breakfast. See y'all later.


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