Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Send Me Back!!!

Hey this is Morgan.
It's our last day here, and I'm very sad to leave. I feel that there is a lot of things I still have to do... like finish the house for one thing. I'm very proud of all of us and how much we accomplished. Not only did we learn how to build a house, we learned many things about ourselves and others, and have come to be really good friends.
Yesterday was our last work day. We put up plywood around the frame and now it looks like a house. We made cards for our supervisors Spikes and Miles, who I will miss so much when I leave. I definitely want to come back and see them and see how far the house has come.
Carol a.k.a sweetest woman ever left yesterday, with David (they make such a cute couple) she was always dressed and ready to go by the time the lights turned on. I will definitely keep in touch with both of them.
Ocean Springs is such a beautiful and friendly town. Being so close to the Gulf it has recovered pretty well, but there is still a lot to be done. Standing in front of the now calm waters of the Gulf , reminds me how powerful and dangerous nature can be. Despite the destruction, natives refuse to leave, and I can see why. They have such a strong community and love for this area, that its not as easy to just pack up and leave.
Suffice it to say, this trip was pretty amazing!!

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  1. Hey Morgan,

    Carol and I hope you'll stay in touch.