Friday, March 6, 2009

sad to leave

Today was our last day working and it was incredible to leave and see all the work we did. It feels so wonderful to help. Today all of the siding was put on the house. So many nails were pounded. I would put a huge handful of nails in my pouch, and then after what felt like only a few short moments they would be all gone. I have been dreaming about nails pounding into wood.

OK and now for a really sappy moment...

It has meant so much to me to be a part of this trip. The team was really great. A huge part of why I had so much fun was because of the people. We were all really there for the right reasons and everyone was working hard but at the same time having fun. Working with Spikes and Miles (our construction leaders) was so fun. I'm really going to miss David, Carol, Lee, Jean and Mike. I'm going to miss the warm sun shining on me. I'm going to miss southern accents and even getting splinters....well maybe not the splinters so much. This trip has made me realize how important it is to help. I realized that I always want to be working on some project that gives back. It really makes you feel so good to make a difference to someone and I know this is a trip that I am never going to forget. I think one day I will join the Peace Corps or Americorps. I want to learn, explore and do things I have never done before. Thanks Ashley for giving me this opportunity!


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