Monday, March 2, 2009

Ashley LAV's post

Here we are in Biloxi at Camp Victor! Picture a summer camp living situation paired with really inspirational people and writings all over the walls. Anyone who stays here leaves their mark by either writing their initials on the wall or painting a picture or something with an inspirational quote, saying or just something to sum up their experience.

Anyways, today we drove into Biloxi after eating an insanely nutritious breakfast of beignets (french doughnuts) covered in powered sugar at Cafe du Monde, a famous coffeeshop in the French Quarter. Once we reached Biloxi, we were all starving again so we had pizza at a local pizza shop, then hit Walmart and checked in at Camp Victor. Of course, we didn't count on still being full by dinnertime at 6, so most of us couldn't enjoy the spaghetti dinner, and just had salad instead. Oh well!

Tomorrow lights turn on at 6am, so I'll probably hit the hay early tonight...I'm already ridicously tired!

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